In addition to being a great learning site for adults, the The Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park also hosts many great educational programs for the students.

One of our program consists of kids making butter. They come on school busses and a tour is set up with state park employees. They go into the buildings and learn about the history of the people who lived in the building. Churning butter, canning food, candle making which helps them understand how life was in the early 1900s.

To schedule the butter activity, just call the park to schedule a tour with the details of the day you’re coming and how many students are coming or senior citizens. Transpiration needs to be coordinated by the visitors.

The Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park is located Earlimart, CA which is about a two hour drive from Los Angeles. We invite you the students to come learn more about Colonel Allen Allensworth and the courageous group of families and individuals who believed they could create their own version of the American Dream in 1974. After your visit you will leave inspired and determined to fight against discrimination in your own communities. It will allow you to witness in real life your secular education of African American history – their hard work, dedication, and faith which led to their discrimination-free destiny.

At the Allensworth state park, kids have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities such as exploring the various buildings, going on tours, and even making your own butter.